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    Ken Guyette

    Once I do a match I see related columns.  If I do not choose related columns and save the dataset is there another opportunity at some point to see those potentially related columns or is this only done when I do the match? 

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    Rebecca Clay

    Hi Ken! Thanks for trying out our new matching functionality! In short, we need to make this more obvious, but yes, if you click the down arrow next to the original column you matched upon (this isn't indicated very well, so might have to click until you find the option), you should see the 'Match this column' option again:

    Select that option, and you should get back to the original match options which should allow you to modify your original selections. Hope this gets you there, but please send any other questions our way!

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    brian sandberg

    For common data types that are recognized, can these suggestions (potential column matches) be accessed via python API? This would be very useful for automatic joins.

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